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Confessions of a Little Twin
Saturday, March 15, 2008

So, since my last post, I've made some life-altering decisions. So, here they are:

I withdrew from school. It was just too hard to cope this semester. With Full-time work, I just wasn't able to get everything done for school. I was facing midterms and I realized that I had no idea what was on the test and that it would take a week to get caught up. So, I'm out of school. I'm so happy! I actually have time to do things again. It makes me so happy.

I've also changed my major. I'm no longer a Deaf Studies Major. I'm an English Major with a Deaf Studies Minor. It would have taken me 12 years to get the Deaf Studies major, and so I'm going with the English major so that I can get through school in good time. I'm very sad about having to give up my Deaf Studies major because I've been waiting for it for 5 or so years, and I'm sad that I'm not going to be able to get it.

I also broke up with my boyfriend. It was incredibly hard to do, and I hope that I'll never have to do it again.

But, now I have a life and I'm enjoying the freedom. Although, I did work for 7 days straight, and so now I'm exhausted. My body still hasn't adjusted to daylight savings time, so I'm not getting to bed in good time and I have to get up early. With that and work, I'm very tired.

Anyway, there's your update on my life for now.

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