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Confessions of a Little Twin
Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ok, Pat, here you go! I'm finally updating. Really, there's so much to say that I honestly don't know where to start.

I guess I'll start with work. It's been crazy at work this year. It started in May and continued until..well...yesterday, actually. From now on it's going to be slow until Thanksgiving. On May 2, Iron Man came out and that was a crazy weekend. That movie was going strong in the theatre until The Dark Knight came out on July 18. Boy was that movie insane. We had 16 of our 17 theatres showing The Dark Knight (the 17th was showing Mama Mia!), and all of those theatres was sold out. All of this on a seriously short staff. Luckily, we have amazing people in the Usher department, and it all went in so smoothly, we were amazed. Even our Theatre Manager commented on how well it went, which is amazing in and of itself.

Aside from the movies this summer, we had people leaving us that we wish hadn't. Seth, for instance, got a new job and tried to stay on part time. Unfortunately, they cut his pay and demoted him to team lead and so, he wasn't exactly happy right from the beginning. His last day was July 4th. I miss him terribly. Also, one of our 16 year old ushers found out that she has Leukemia and we lost her rather quickly. She's doing fine, but she can't work right now. We all can't wait until we get her back. My favorite person at work is having health problems and couldn't work as well. Our ushers were dropping like flies. Now we have some new people and some transfers from other departments and we're doing ok, but we miss those people we've lost.

Sarah, Emily, and I went to Disneyland at the end of April. That was FUN, and I think I'll be forever craving the waffles at the Carnation Cafe inside Disneyland. Good stuff. Excellent stuff, actually. I highly recommend it. We had a blast and that let us know that we get along well enough to go on more vacations together. That being said, we went to the Shakespearean Festival. My parents came too, and it was amazing. My favorite by far was Cyrano De Bergerac. Brian Vaughn was absolutely amazing in the title role. I loved it so much that last Wed, we dragged Laura down for a day trip. Emily, Sarah, Laura, and I had a great time. I enjoyed the ride home so much that even though I was tired, I didn't want it to end. It was awesome.

So, for Halloween this year, I'm going to be Rose Tyler from Doctor Who. I'm almost done assembling the costume. I'm doing her outfit from "Turn Left", "Stolen Earth", and "Journey's End". All I need to find is a blue leather jacket and I'm done! No one will know who I am, but I don't care. I'm just excited. I'll be great.

Not much else is going on. I'm not in school right now, but I plan on taking a few Independent Study classes so I can graduate. I'll be going back to UVU next spring to take the classes I need to there.

Well, there's an update. I'll try to be better at posting, but I'm not promising anything. I'll do my best however. There you go, Pat!

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